Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Negris LeBrum Fall/Winter 2017

I know that I missed the mark by not posting this during the Fall/Winter Season, but as busy as I have been, I didn’t want this one to not get seen.  Travis Hamilton’s Negris LeBrum Collection is one to take note of.

Inspired by a 1940’s love story between a French Creole woman and a black man who fought against societal pressures that would keep them apart, designer Travis Hamilton created Negris Lebrum.

Based in Houston, Texas, Travis Hamilton has presented his Negris Lebrum collection at New York Fashion Week for several seasons. 

Travis Hamilton designs his collections for a modern woman with attitude and strength.

After following Travis Hamilton’s Negris Lebrum for a few years, we have seen him evolve with each collection and look forward to more from this talented designer. Please also check out his most recent collection on his site!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

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