Thursday, March 28, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: LIBERTINE Spring 203!

LIBERTINE designer Johnson Hartig is always a font of creativity and his Spring 2013 Collection is evidence that that creativity is still in full force.

Hartig’s forte is recycling vintage clothing, deconstructing it and reinventing it through many means including surface decoration like screen printing and hand painting.  This method of design makes Johnson Hartig’s collections as unique as the designer himself.

The LIBERTINE Spring 2013 Collection definitely shows off the designer’s playful side with imaginative decoration, printing and a little politics thrown in for good measure.  Bright colors are a key part of the collection from prints and silk screens to hand painted garments, this collection announces “Spring is here it is time to have fun!!”.

The silhouettes were also playful and varied.  1930’s bias cut dresses along with flouncy blouses and skirts gave a lightness to the collection while structured suits gave the collection a sophisticated edge.

All in all, Johnson Hartig has hit another home run with his LIBERTINE Spring 2013 Collection and as always leaves us wondering what he will come up with next!

Friday, March 22, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Douglas Hannant Spring 2013!

Always one of my favorite shows during New York Fashion Week, Douglas Hannant once again presented a gorgeous collection for Spring 2013.  Chic, sexy and sophisticated, Douglas Hannant works his magic, as he does every season.

Shown at the New York Historical Society in front of projected images of flowers, it was clear that this was a floral inspired collection.  As always, Douglas Hannant's feminine and lady-like designs show that he is a master of his craft and that he knows what his customer wants and needs!

From flirty dresses to elegant gowns and everything in between, Douglas Hannant's 2013 Collection says Spring with a capitol S and like Spring itself, we can’t wait for it to arrive!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Immortal Game with CLIFFLEE & a Pinterest Contest!

Promoting the designs of Paris based designer CLIFFLEEImmortal Game is more than just a visually stunning short film, it is also an online fashion project.  The Immortal Game project includes the short film, video media and graphic media.

Immortal Game takes its inspiration from the famous chess match of the same name played by Adolf Anderssen and Lionel Kieseritzky in 1851.  In the film, a young woman embodies different pieces from the game, The Pawn, The Bishop, The Rook, The Knight and The Queen while a mysterious man in white watches her.  As in the game, the young woman will have to sacrifice herself in order to win.

The Immortal Game fashion project has been running in tandem with the Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion Weeks around the world, with one game piece being revealed during each of the key weeks.  The film as a whole is being released this month!

The Knight

As a part of the project, there is a Pinterest Contest to win a “makeover” of The Pawn’s outfit, inspired by Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  The outfit includes the hat, umbrella and a custom dress from designer CLIFFLEE.

Click here to go to the contest!

The Deadline to enter the contest is March 23rd, so hurry and enter the contest, explore the Immortal Game website and get whisked into its world of drama and imagination!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco!

Antonio Lopez was not only one of the most important fashion illustrators of the 20th Century, but his influence gives him that distinction in the 21st Century as well!  Brothers Roger Padiha’s and Mauricio Padiha’s new book, “Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco”, examines the artist’s life and work through photos, illustrations and interviews with those most close to the artist.

I first became aware of Antonio Lopez’s work while I was a student at Parsons School of Design and quickly snatched up a copy of the French edition "ANTONIO 60.70.80" on a trip to Paris.  Lopez's works both fascinated and inspired me and that book still maintains a prominent place on my coffee table.  However, as much loved and dog eared as that book is, the Padiha brothers new retrospective on Antonio Lopez presents a far more intimate view of the man and his art!

The authors spoke about Antonio Lopez at an event at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York with a panel discussion including Antonio’s male muse Corey Tippin and the inimitable Pat Cleveland.  Having been a part of Antonio’s inner circle and working with the artist throughout his career, Tippin and Cleveland were able to give insight into the life that drove the artwork.

Pat Cleveland, looking as beautiful young and radiant as her days with Antonio, and Corey Tippin shed light onto their time in New York & Paris with the groundbreaking artist.  Ms. Cleveland regaled the audience with stories of Antonio’s discovery of Jessica Lange, working with Grace Jones and Jerry Hall, sparkling with the memories of the exciting times they had lived in and were a part of.

The Padiha brother's book, “Antonio Lopez: Fashion, Art, Sex & Disco” was extensively researched and presents the first exhaustive and fascinating study of Antonio Lopez’s work and the life that revolved around that work.  An artist that went way beyond the world of fashion illustration, Antonio Lopez was a man of many facets and his work will continue to influence generations to come!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Charlotte Ronson Spring 2013!

Charlotte Ronson’s Spring 2013 show at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week was a celebrity packed affair with everyone in the audience dressed to the nines and the Friday night crowd was buzzing with anticipation.

It would be easy to dismiss Charlotte Ronson as a privileged woman whose career is the product of her celebrity family, but that would be a disservice to Ms. Ronson who is a very talented designer.  Her Spring 2013 Collection proved this once again with a collection that was beautifully designed and very focused.

Ms. Ronson drew her inspiration from Water which was very evident in her color palette, with shades of ocean blues and greens and even a yellow that was inspired by the reflection of the sun on water.

The silhouette for the collection was a bit more sexy than usual, with nipped in waists emphasizing the figure.  The collection also was very focused on transparency.  Cut outs and sheer fabrics revealed skin and sheer fabrics were layered over other fabrics giving them a new dimension.

As Charlotte Ronson grows as a designer, her collections are gaining more depth and maturity, making her a designer worth keeping an eye on!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: FOTINI Spring 2013!

Following her father’s direction, FOTINI put aside her childhood passion for design and embarked on a career in finance and marketing.  However, some passions are too hard to ignore, prompting Fotini to leave behind the world of business and follow her design dream.

Spending 3 years in Italy studying the construction of corsetry and the artistry of the masters of the old world ateliers, FOTINI uses the skills that she learned to create her signature collection.  The chic and sensuous line emphasizes beautiful construction and fit with special touches of embellishment, bringing old world craftsmanship together with a modern sensibility.

For Spring 2013, FOTINI was inspired by France: the French countryside & 18th Century painters and wisteria.  The inspiration led to a collection that is light, elegant and romantic with a color palette of mostly pastels and white.

FOTINI's Spring 2013 Collection showcases her skills as an artisan as well as a designer for a collection that is truly beautiful!