Friday, August 30, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Katya Leonovich Fall 2013!

Hailing from Russia, then coming to New York via Rome and Paris, designer Katya Leonovich manages to create collections that merge her multi-cultural experiences.

Katya Leonovich is not only a designer, but also a talented painter and she infuses her collections with her own artwork.  For Fall 2013, it resulted in a collection that was a sea of beautiful abstract prints and experimental drapes.

While the silhouettes captured Katya Leonovich's romantic side, there was also an edginess to them creating a very dynamic collection!  

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

Monday, August 26, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Alisha Trimble Fall 2013!

A multi-faceted designer, Alisha Trimble has designed ready to wear lines with names like New Money, swimwear lines and worked as a stylist for both print and web media.  And if that were not already enough, she also designs lingerie.

Alisha Trimble uses her collections as a creative outlet, putting her interests into each and everyone.  And her interests are quite diverse from Kanye West and photographer Diane Arbus to playwright Tennessee Williams.  She even did a lingerie collection inspired by Tennessee Williams which she named Blanche DuMois.

For Fall 2013, Alisha Trimble has channeled her creativity once again into lingerie, this time with the modern theme of Computer Love.  A sexy and provocative collection, Computer Love is perfect for a romantic evening with a love interest or for a cozy curl up in front of the computer for some on-line dating the modern way!

One thing is certain, Alisha Trimble is a powerhouse of creativity and Computer Love her Fall 2013 Lingerie Collection proves that she is a designer to keep and eye on!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Nonoo Fall 2013!

A cold February day brought us down to the Standard Hotel in New York’s Meatpacking district to see the Nonoo Fall 2013 Collection.

We met designer Misha Nonoo last year at her Fall 2012 presentation and became immediate fans of this talented designer.   Misha produces her self named Nonoo collection in Manhattan with an emphasis on her British tailoring heritage, creating a couture line that is as impeccably made as it is stylish.

For Fall 2013, Nonoo was inspired by a trip to Russia where she was enchanted by the romanticism of grandeur of the country!  While the collection was visibly inspired by Russian culture, it also stayed true to Misha Nonoo's very British core.  As Misha Nonoo explained, the collection was more about a British girls adventurous trip to Russia and what she would wear while exploring!

Another beautifully tailored collection that shows both femininity and strength, the Nonoo Fall 2013 Collection a hit!  And who could resist those military inspired coats!!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Custo Barcelona Fall 2013!

Interested in applying their graphic design talent in a new way in 80’s Barcelona, brother’s Custo and David Dalmau began using t-shirts as their canvas and Custo Barcelona was born!

That mix of fabric, graphics and color are the roots of what Custo Barcelona has become today.  Custo Barcelona is a line of women’s and men’s wear that emphasizes interesting fabrics, vibrant colors and both printed and woven graphic patterns.

Although Custo Barcelona has a distinctly European flavor, drawing upon its Mediterranean roots in Barcelona, it also has a global appeal.  Their sexy but sophisticated collections are a perfect fit for the Los Angeles lifestyle and are a favorite of Hollywood stylists, landing them in numerous TV Series and films.

Custo Barcelona is not a collection for the conservative dresser, but if you like to stand out in a crowd and look super hip, this is the line for you!

Video Photography: Cassandra Past

Friday, August 16, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Elie Kuame Couture Summer 2013!

Born in Belgium and raised in the Ivory Coast, Elie Kuame started his Elie Kuame Couture line in Paris after crafting his art in Saudi Arabia, Lebanon and China.

One of Elie Kuame’s style signatures is the mixing of contradictory fabrics like lace, leather, gazar, crepe, precious stones and even tree bark.

After gaining a distinct clientele in France, Africa and the Middle East, Elie Kuame set his sights upon the US and brought his Summer 2013 Collection to New York Fashion Week.

The show, organized by fashion production impresario Tai Chunn, was also a benefit for the Monique Vanessa Chunn Foundation for Cerebral Brain Aneurism Research.  Tai Chunn began the foundation in honor of his sister who died suddenly from a cerebral brain aneurism.

Sophisticated and elegant, Elie Kuame’s Couture Summer 2013 Collection brought a breath of Parisian Couture to New York Fashion Week!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: THEIA Fall 2013!

Designer Don O’Neill amazes each season with his THEIA Collection of eveningwear and for Fall 2013 he has done it again.

THEIA has an amazing roster of devoted celebrity fans including Carrie Underwood and Taylor Swift with the list growing each season.  And it’s no wonder, since THEIA has all of the glamour, beauty and sophistication that you would expect on the red carpet.

But the most amazing thing about THEIA is its price point, making that red carpet allure accessible to every woman.  Combining couture techniques and embellishment, sophisticated silhouettes and special construction for comfort, Don O’Neill’s THEIA Collection rivals other designer collections at a fraction of their cost.

Named after the Greek Goddess of Light, THEIA continues to live up to its namesake’s image with stunning gowns that will put any woman in the spotlight.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: EMERSON Fall 2013!

The EMERSON Fall 2013 show was delayed due to winter storm Nemo with designer Jackie Fraser-Swan and the audience waiting for her children to arrive from Boston.  With the arrival of her children, the show went on and it was well worth the wait!

Jackie Fraser-Swan always infuses her EMERSON Collections with a strong point of view, whether it was Spring 2013’s 1970’s Horror movie theme or this season’s Post Apocalyptic Woman.  But, whatever the theme is, EMERSON always delivers a wonderful collection of edgy meets feminine clothing that is right on trend and very wearable.

With celebs like Natasha Bedingfield wearing one of her Spring 2013 gowns to the Grammy Awards this year, it is obvious that Jackie Fraser-Swan’s EMERSON Collection has made it to the big leagues!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past