Thursday, November 21, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Joseph Charles Fall 2013!

Budding young designer Joseph Mazzola began his career in Costume Design before being drawn into the fashion world and the start of his own Joseph Charles Collection.

That background is evident in the Joseph Charles Collection which takes its inspiration from the fashion of the 1950’s and early 1960‘s.  The line is infused   with a sophisticated and sexy quality reminiscent of the glamour girls of the silver screen.

Presenting his first collection at New York Fashion Week for Fall 2013, Joseph Charles captures the glamour of his Hollywood muses in a way that is both timeless and modern.

Video Photography: Cassandra Past

Monday, November 11, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: LITKE Fall 2013!

A BFA from New York University, an internship at Vogue magazine and working with fashion industry stylists and editors led Catherine Litke to found her self-named LITKE line in 2012.

For LITKE Fall 2013, Catherine Litke drew her inspiration from 1960’s futurism films, quilting patterns and the Amish culture.  Taking these seemingly disparate inspirations and merging them together, Catherine has created a look that is as interesting as it is original.

Combining classic minimalism with eccentric tailoring, Catherine Litke’s LITKE Fall 2013 Collection manages to be both innovative and timeless.

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: WHIT Fall 2013!

Before founding the fashion line WHIT, designer Whitney Pozgay began her career in costume design.  Working in the theater evolved into an interest in creating clothing for real women in their every day lives, so Whitney Pozgay left costume design to pursue a career in fashion.

Whitney moved to New York and worked for Kate Spade while she further developed her skills at Parsons and at the The Fashion Institute of Technology.  After a successful career at Kate Spade, Whitney became lead women’s wear designer at Steven Alan where she also worked on his collaborations with major retailers.

In 2009 Whitney Pozgay went out on her own and launched WHIT with a Fall 2010 collection. Since then, she has continued to develop and expand WHIT into a sophisticated and chic women’s wear line that is a testimonial to her passion for design!

Video Photography by David TW Leung