Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Gypsy 05 Fall 2013!

When you think of Fashion in the US, New York is the city that immediately comes to mind.  However, a lot of fashion trends are created in California and design companies there are becoming more and more relevant to the industry.

Designed by the Israeli brother/sister team of Osi and Dotan Shoham, Gypsy 05 is at the forefront of these companies.  Established in 2005, Gypsy 05 not only produces a line of chic and sophisticated apparel with a relaxed attitude, but does so with an eye towards environmental awareness.

Producing the line out of the first completely solar powered dying, printing and manufacturing facility in Los Angeles, Gypsy 05 incorporates organic fabrics, soy softeners, low impact dyes and seaweed extract printing into the collection.

Even though for the New York presentation they focused on their women's collection, they have an awesome collection for men as well.  I am typically not a very casual dresser,  but I love Gypsy 05 and have added quite a few pieces into my wardrobe!  I can't wait for the Fall 2013 Collection to hit the stores!

Video Photography by Mariana Leung

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Rita Vinieris Fall 2013!

Toronto based designer Rita Vinieris has been a star of Bridal Design since starting her Rivini collection in 1995.  Concentrating on luxury fabrics, architectural drapes and meticulous fit, Rita Vinieris’ Rivini Bridal Collection is a favorite of brides both North and South of the border.

Now, Rita Vinieris is taking those same qualities and channeling them into an eveningwear collection.  The collection is as elegant and luxurious as her bridal line, but speaks to a much wider audience in search of gowns and cocktail dresses that answer the needs of the modern woman.

Sensuous drapes and refined embellishment make Rita Vinieris’ first evening wear collection a winner, proving that this talented designer’s aesthetic translates way beyond her beautiful bridal line.

Video Photography by Natalie Kaufler

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Son Jung Wan Fall 2013!

Son Jung Wan, the powerhouse designer from Korea, presented another brilliant collection for Fall 2013 at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Son Jung Wan’s Spring 2013 collection was influenced by the work of Spanish artist Juan Miro.  For Fall 2013, Son Jung Wan again turned to art for inspiration, merging together the artistic flair of Russian abstract painter Kandinsky with the extravagant elegance of the Catherine Palace, former summer home of the Tsar.

Working with a palette taken from tones found in nature, Son Jung Wan accented the neutrals with deep jewel tones (teal, amethyst, ox blood garnet and gold) for a collection that is rich and vibrant.  The silhouettes exhibited Son Jung Wan’s signature experimental and architectural drapes, but this season with a nod to ultra-feminine style from the 1950’s.

As with all of Son Jung Wan’s collections, creative drapes, luxurious fabrics and flattering silhouettes come together for  a collection that is a perfect fit for the modern woman of any age!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Joanna Mastroianni Fall 2013!

Joanna Mastroianni’s clothes are constantly on the red carpet and even in movies like Sex and the City 2.  So while you may not know her name, you most certainly have seen her designs.

Joanna Mastroianni creates garments that are beautifully constructed, feminine and modern with a European sensibility and couture details!  Creating her collections in the tradition of the Haute Couture, Joanna Mastroianni’s garments are not only luxurious pieces of art, but they are also wearable garments.  Known for her perfect fit, Ms. Mastroianni’s skills as a couturier make her a much sought after designer.

For Fall 2013, Joanna Mastroianni was inspired by the Jane Fonda film “Barbarella”.  Ms. Mastroianni translated this inspiration into an ultra-feminine collection with a definite strength.  The Fall 2013 Collection speaks to a woman who is confident in all aspects of her life!

It’s no wonder that Joanna Mastroianni is a favorite of Hollywood’s elite, providing them with the sexiness, elegance and fit that give them the confidence to shine!

Video Photography by Mariana Leung

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Byron Lars Beauty Mark Fall 2013!

As fun and flirty as Spring/Summer fashion can be, nothing compares to the anticipation of new looks for the Fall.  Rich fabrics, layering and more structured garments make Fall Fashion exciting!  

Byron Lars Beauty Mark always astounds us with its sexy, feminine collections and Fall 2013 is right on mark for Fall 2013.  We spoke to Byron Lars to find out more about what every woman will want in her closet in his Fall 2013 Collection.

Byron Lars burst onto the fashion scene in the early 90’s like a spectacular fireworks exhibition.  His shows were playful extravaganzas with strong themes like Heidi or Get Christie Love.

But behind all of the spectacle, were solid collections of sexy, flattering and above all, wearable clothes.  The creativity in Byron Lars' shows was merely a backdrop for collections that were and are shear artistry.

A master of his craft, Byron Lars' collections continue to amaze with intricate pattern work and construction, beautiful fabrics and ingenious embellishment.  All of that combined with form flattering cuts that flatter women of all shapes and sizes, prove that Byron is still on his game.

Video Photography by Mariana Leung

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Byron Lars Beauty Mark Sample Sale!

One of the perks of living in the New York area or even visiting it is sample sales!  It is always exciting to be able to find your favorite labels at significant savings!

For cutting edge fashion that has a perfect fit for women of all shapes and sizes, Byron Lars Beauty Mark is one of my all time favorite labels.  Byron Lars' attention to detail, interesting fabrics and ingenious construction make him a total standout in the fashion crowd.

This coming Tuesday, Byron Lars Beauty Mark will be having a Sample Sale in New York with significant savings on his must-have fashion!  All items will be offered at 30% off of the wholesale price.  Yes, that’s right, the WHOLESALE price!

So take down all of the information below and put this sale on your to-do list for this week. You won’t regret it!

Byron Lars Beauty Mark Sample Sale
241 West 37th Street (btwn 7th & 8th Avenues)
Suite 401
Tuesday, June 4th
10:00AM - 6:00PM

And watch this week for the latest video on the Byron Lars Beauty Mark Fall 2013 Collection!