Thursday, May 28, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch: Son Jung Wan Spring 2015!

I have covered Son Jung Wan’s collections starting with the very first collection she presented at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. And, with every subsequent collection, it has become clear why Son Jung Wan is the most successful designer in Korea.

Every season, Son Jung Wan mesmerizes me with stunning collections.  Gorgeous fabrics, interesting embellishments and creative cuts make Son Jung Wan’s collections stand out.

For Spring 2015, the collection is entitled “Dualism” and Son Jung Wan explored the Yin and Yang found in nature.  With this inspiration, Son Jung Wan brings together different elements, marrying contrasting textures, colors and details to create a perfect harmony.

Once again, Son Jung Wan proved she is a master of her craft and managed to keep me as an awestruck fan!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

Monday, May 18, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch: Malan Breton Spring 2015!

Since launching his namesake label in 2005, Malan Breton has consistently presented collections that are as luxurious as they are stylish.

Although Malan Breton’s interest in fashion goes back to his childhood, he began his career as an actor, dancer and model.  His experience in the entertainment industry is evident in his collections which always have a dramatic appeal.

Presenting his Malan Breton Spring 2015 Collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Malan Breton took his inspiration from his homeland of Taiwan, a journey of introspection and rediscovering his roots.

Malan Breton titled his Spring 2015 Collection “A Journey To Taiwan: The Heart Of Asia”.  Malan Breton returned to his homeland of Taiwan and marked his directorial debut with his documentary film “Malan Breton - A Journey To Taiwan”.  Produced by Bonnie Bien in association with Taiwan: The Heart Of Asia, the film follows Malan Breton as he returns to Taiwan for the first time after a long absence.

The film explores the elements of Taiwan that inspired this collection as well as the emotional and reminiscent journey the designer experienced in the land of his youth.

Congratulations are in order for a stunning Malan Breton Spring 2015 Collection and also for the film “Malan Breton - A Journey To Taiwan”, which won the New York International Film Festival’s Award for “Best Short Documentary”.

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

Monday, May 11, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch: Zang Toi Spring 2015!

Whether in a relationship or in a career, 25 years is a landmark achievement.  Zang Toi’s Spring 2015 Collection marked the 25th Anniversary of his company and this prolific designer truly has reason to celebrate.

Zang Toi is a native of Malaysia, however, he came to the U.S. to study fashion design and then to start his own company.  Zang Toi has embraced his adopted U.S. home and has worked hard to achieve the American Dream over the last 25 years.

For Zang Toi Spring 2015, Zang Toi paid homage to his adopted homeland by creating a collection inspired by the American Woman.  The Spring 2015 Collection captures the essence of the American Woman with designs that show her strength and her beauty.

Zang Toi is the consummate showman and his Spring 2015 show didn’t disappoint, with gorgeous clothes and dramatic presentation.  Zang Toi has given us 25 years of breathtaking collections and I look forward to countless more years of his brilliant design!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past