Friday, February 28, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: EMERSON by Jackie Fraser-Swan Spring 2014!

Jackie Fraser-Swan debuted her EMERSON collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week four seasons ago and each season she has given us shows that are a delight to attend.

Memorable themes, great music and above all, amazing fashion have all been consistent in her presentations from season to season.

In the past, EMERSON by Jackie Fraser-Swan has wowed me with collections inspired by everything from women of the 1940’s era to 1970’s horror films.

For EMERSON Spring 2014, Jackie Fraser-Swan draws on her love of punk music and the culture that it promotes.  And as usual, not only is the fashion wonderful, but like all of her collections it is fun with a capital F!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

Monday, February 17, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: Katya Leonovich Spring 2014!

Fashion can truly be considered a form of art and designer Katya Leonovich uses the craft of fashion design  as a means of artistic expression.

However, fashion is only one area in which Katya Leonovich has artistic talent.  An accomplished painter and sculptor, Katya Leonovich channels the work that she does in the other mediums into her fashion design.

Katya Leonovich merges all of her artistry into her collections, creating innovative cuts and drapes, and turning her paintings into original prints.

With every new season, Katya Leonovich manages to create beautiful wearable collections and she also reminds us that when done correctly, Fashion can be art.

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: Byron by Byron Lars on HSN!

We are all drawn to different designers that speak to our needs and provide clothes that allow us to show by style who we are.  However, some of the designers that we admire are oftentimes out of our range of affordability.

Byron Lars Beauty Mark packs a gigantic style punch and is most definitely a line that is very affordable.  However, Byron Lars is making his brilliant style accessible to an even wider audience through a partnership with HSN.

Byron has put together an exciting collection, Byron by Byron Lars, that you can buy on-line at HSN.comHSN has already starting to release some of the styles on their site and will continue adding pieces from the collection until the full line is available.

Byron Lars says, “I’ve created a new line for HSN, Byron by Byron Lars, that I am very excited to announce, offering sizing from 2-24!  Its about exciting yet timeless wardrobe builders that allow you to be pulled together without looking like you've tried”.

Signature white button down shirts twist, wrap and tie into feminine body enhancing must-haves and when paired with the perfect peg skirt, they become classic game changers!

Byron will appear on HSN February 27 from 2:00am - 3:00am EST and again from 9:00pm  - 10:00pm EST.

So what are you waiting for?  Dive into the stylishly flattering designs of Byron Lars with his new collection Byron by Byron Lars offered on  Getting that fashionable look has never been so easy!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: Malan Breton Spring 2014!

Designing men’s wear, women’s wear and home collections, you would think that Malan Breton would be buried under all of the work.  But this powerhouse designer still manages to be the designer darling of the media world, lending his expertise to everything from Project Runway to MTV’s Music Awards and designing the look of NBC’s “Minute to Win It” game show.

But behind all of the media to do, Malan Breton creates chic fashion that is favored by A-list celebrities and fashionistas alike.  For Spring 2014, Malan Breton has created collections both for women and men that are sophisticated, elegant and above all, exquisitely tailored.  

I have long been a fan of Malan Breton’s designs and have often coveted pieces from his collections.  Malan Breton’s Spring 2014 Collection is no different, leaving me lusting over outfits that will be must haves for my upcoming Spring!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past