Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Basil Soda Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012!

Although I have not posted about the Haute Couture Fashion shows this past  week, they have not gone unnoticed.  Haute Couture was my first love in the Fashion World and I look forward to covering the shows in person in the very near future! :)
Because he is relatively new to me, one designer did capture my attention enough to bring him to your attention, Basil Soda.  Benefitting from more than 20 years experience in Haute Couture, Basil Soda opened his Couture House in 2001.  The Lebanese designer has captured the attention of numerous celebs and his designs have been seen on the red carpet at events like the Grammy’s!

Showing his Spring/Summer 2012 collection in Paris, Basil Soda’s designs built on his nature themes of the past two seasons. Gowns were decorated with details of straw-like strands of silk string, antiqued gold metallic twigs, and petite grey crystal buds creating plant-like forms.  Unadorned silk web fabric was carefully pealed back in places to reveal the complex decoration of the inner body of the gowns.

The seemingly simple silhouettes belie the masterful construction and the details that can really only be truly appreciated by examining them up close.  Soda wanted to take his organic style and put it under a microscope, producing a collection that is subtly but intricately decorated.  Lace is pieced together and twisted into delicate patterns and decorated tops give way to flowing layers of lace and pleated georgette.

A beautiful collection, Basil Soda has again proven that he is a talent to keep an eye on!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: NOMIA Spring 2012!

Opening her show with a recording of Georgia O’Keefe talking about New Mexico that accompanied a film of pieces of the collection shot on a beach in Montauk, NOMIA designer Yara Flynn set the tone for her Spring 2012 Collection. Ms. Flynn drew upon the  colors of New Mexico, from the turquoise jewelry to the oranges, reds and rust of the sunsets.  The silhouettes also had a subtle reference to New Mexico with relaxed but refined drapes.

Yara Flynn’s design vision is definitely influenced by her video artist and sculpting background. Her sculptural approach to draping creates the artistic silhouettes that have made her popular with the avante garde fashion crowd.

We spoke to Yara Flynn about the NOMIA label and what her vision was for Spring 2012.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch; INDi Custom Denim Valentine's Day Sweepstakes!

If you are anything like me, you are constantly in search of jeans that will be the most flattering.  I just get used to one labels fit and then they change it, go in search of a better fit, find one and then repeat the process again.  As a designer, I know how difficult it can be to come up with standardized sizes that will fit a vast array of body types well.

So when I heard about INDi, it piqued my curiosity!  INDi is a denim brand available exclusively on-line that enables shoppers to customize premium denim to meet their individual style and body types.  Using a combination of patented technology and had crafted artistry, INDi delivers your ideal fit!

In addition to delivering perfectly fit denim, INDi has also partnered with Clothes4Souls to offer its customers the opportunity to cloth 10 people in need each time they purchase an INDi-Clothes4Souls custom design!!  And I ALWAYS love supporting companies who give back to the community!

And since INDi ALSO makes Custom Denim for Men, I am definitely giving them a whirl!!

Here's your chance to enter the INDI 100 Valentine's Day Sweepstakes!

 Win your own custom jeans! INDi is inviting YOU to be our Valentine this year! INDi will be giving away 100 prizes (5 grand prize winners will get a pair of custom jeans, 10 winners will get $100 gift card, 20 winners will get a $50 gift card, 65 winners will get a $25 gift card). Contestants enter through the INDi Facebook page.  For every friend that you invite that enters through INDI's invitation link, you’ll get an extra entry into the contest.

WHEN: Starts: Jan 24, 2012 1 PM EST and Ends: Feb 14, 2012 1 PM EST

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Kara Ross Spring 2012!

Georgetown graduate Kara Ross went on to become a Certified Gemologist and to follow her life long passion for creating jewelry.  This passion shows in every facet of her designs and makes each of her pieces a true work of art.

After years of designing one-of-a-kind custom pieces for private clients, Kara Ross founded her own company in 2003.  With its origins in fine jewelry, the company has grown rapidly to include handbags and belts.  With the debut of her Kara by Kara Ross diffusion collection, her beautifully designed pieces are now available to an even wider fashion loving audience.

For the Spring 2012, Kara Ross collection, the handbags are made in colorful exclusive skins with gemstone accents making them even more precious.  The jewelry is bold and beautiful, utilizing lapiz, turquoise, white saphires, zebra jasper and rhodachrosite among the many gemstones used in the collection.

Already a fave of fashion insiders and celebrities, step into the world of Kara Ross and find out for yourself why this collection is so very special.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Irina Shabayeva Spring 2012!

Irina Shabayeva is probably best know as the winner of the Sixth Season of Project Runway, but there is a lot more to know about this talented designer!  We went to her Spring 2012 presentation during New York Fashion Week, sponsored by the Skin and Make-Up experts at  BeautiControl, to see the collection and to find out more about Irina herself.
Born in the Republic of Georgia and raised in Brooklyn, NY, Irina Shabayeva graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2003 and has continuously proved her talent since then.  Her Spring 2012 collection, presented at the Audi Forum on Park Avenue, is just one more example of why this young designer is such a success.
Irina Shabayeva’s Spring 2012 Collection is chock full of color, staying true to a designer who is know for her vivid color choices.  Bright greens, yellows, oranges, blues, pinks and reds filled the runway like a big bouquet of spring flowers.  A good mix of black, white and silver pieces rounded out this collection and somehow emphasized the colors even more.  Shabayeva made use of bold prints which were position-placed on the garments to emphasize the figure in very flattering ways.
Relying primarily on jersey for the collection, the silhouettes are very body conscious, from casual dresses that are accented with lacing details and cut-outs to gathered and beaded cocktail dresses and gowns.  Shabayeva also included in the collection a few swimwear pieces with knit cover ups, versatile chiffon layering pieces and see-through clear and colored rainwear pieces.
The finale cocktail dresses and gowns stayed true to Irina Shabayeva’s color story with artistically manipulated fabrics that are beaded sufficiently to give them that red carpet glamour and sparkle.
A beautiful collection, it is easy to see why Irina Shabayeva is one of the few Project Runway competitors to prove herself in the real world as well.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Helios & Luna Spring 2012!

Selling at Neiman Marcus and specialty stores across the country, Helios & Luna is making its mark on the fashion world.  A relatively new line, Helios & Luna presented its second Spring Collection for Spring 2012 during New York Fashion Week, a collection of sportswear for the sophisticated modern woman.

Designer Patricia Clyne has infused the line with her fashion aesthetic while emphasizing versatility and wearability. Aimed at being a lifestyle brand, the Helios & Luna collection can dress its customer for casual outings, business/work needs and evening events as well.

For Spring 2012, Patricia Clyne has brought color to the Helios & Luna collection, introducing goldenrod, orange, bright pink, azure blue and spring green.  There is also a grouping of very graphic blacks and whites.  Each delivery pairs the brights with a couple of neutral choices that mix nicely with the colors and give the customer numerous options to mix and match in creating outfits.
Beautiful construction is highlighted by an attention to detail that is apparent throughout the collection.  Picot edged ruffles, satin piping and innovative seaming are just a few examples of the details that make this line very special. 
And, Helios & Luna is offered at a price point that will let you dress fashionably without breaking the bank!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: THEIA at the Golden Globes!

THEIA first captured my attention with their Fall 2011 Collection.  Designer Don O’Neill’s talent was clearly displayed in that collection and it left me wanting more.  And more is what I got with the Spring 2012 Collection.  
Offering gowns and cocktail dresses that are sophisticated, elegant and beautifully crafted, THEIA has been capturing the attention of quite a few celebrities and is popping up on red carpets everywhere.  The Golden Globes were no exception, with TV personality and Entertainment Tonight host Nancy O’Dell appearing on the red carpet in a fully beaded rhodium slip gown from THEIA.  Ms. O’Dell looked stunning in the gown and proved that THEIA is the perfect label to make a star shine!
The THEIA gown that Ms. O’Dell wore is now available at Saks Fifth Avenue at a price of $1975.  Considering that this is a fully beaded gown, the price is amazing!
With New York Fashion Week just around the corner, I’ll look forward to seeing what THEIA comes up with for Fall 2012!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: EMERSON Spring 2012!

EMERSON, a collection designed by Boston based Jackie Fraser-Swan, presented its third collection at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week last September.  Fraser-Swan designed the collection to dress a clientele that likes to stand out and needs apparel for all of her daily tasks and events.

The EMERSON Spring 2012 Collection was inspired by “Light & Darkness”, giving it a color palate focused on white, black and grays with pops of bright color in the form of a bright cobalt blue and bright purple.  Silhouettes were a mélange of classic shapes with a edgy rocker feel, giving the collection a feel of modernity.  The stand out print was a black, white and gray abstract that gave the collection a depth and vibrancy.  Stand out pieces included a sleek but feminine trench coat in the abstract print and a lace bubble skirt.

For our coverage, we went backstage after the show to talk to Jackie Fraser-Swan to find out more about the EMERSON collection and the designer behind it!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Taverna San Trovaso - Venice!

In the Fall of 1990, I made my first journey to Italy.  Even though my Grandfather was from the Tuscan region, I had never made it across the border until this point.  I spent a good deal of time exploring Rome and Florence.  While I enjoyed them both immensely, Venice held a special place in my heart.  I have been a major fan of the Diane Lane film “A Little Romance” since I was in my young teens and part of the plot revolves around Venice.  In the film, Venice is presented as an extremely romantic city and in real life it didn’t disappoint!  If you haven’t ever seen the film, I highly recommend that you do so!!
On that first trip to Venice, I dug through guidebooks to find good dining and the recommendations were sometimes hit, sometimes miss.  One that was a definite hit was Taverna San Trovaso.  We had a delightful meal in an atmosphere that I had found to be very neighborhood Venetian, complete with wine bottles lining the walls and in the windows.
It was so memorable, that when I returned to Venice in 1997, Taverna San Trovaso was on my list.  Again, I enjoyed not only an excellent dinner, but also met a very interesting couple from Portugal.  I returned a second time on that trip and was again very pleased!
Christmas 2011 was spent in Venice and I put it again on my dining destination list, although I questioned whether my impression of it would still hold up after 14 years.  To my delight, Taverna San Trovaso had not changed one bit and the food was as excellent as I had remembered.
We went to Taverna San Trovaso for lunch on our first full day in Venice.  We each started with an Arugula Salad with Tomatoes and Carrots that was very fresh and flavorful.  On our previous trips, we had eaten a variety of dishes, but had never tried the pizza.  Since I am a pizza aficionado, I decided that it would be the true test of how good they really were!  I had the Pizza 4 Stagione minus the ham (tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms and artichoke hearts) and my dining mate had the Pizza San Trovaso (tomato sauce, mozzarella, prosciutto, olive, sausage, mushroom and artichoke hearts).  Both pizzas were nicely baked, a little bit of char on the bottom, crisp on the outside, fluffy-chewy on the inside.  The toppings were also delicious and the sauce was nicely seasoned.

Considering I have now been going to Taverna San Trovaso for the last 20 years, I am pleased to say that memory does serve me correctly and that Taverna San Trovaso will stay on my list for future visits to romantic Venice!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Chanel Christmas Windows at Printemps 2011!

Big Apologies for the lack of recent postings!  I have been abroad for the Holidays and either wrapped up in the spirit or lacking internet connections!!
While in Paris, I was surprised and delighted to discover that the Christmas windows at the Printemps department store were ALL ABOUT  Chanel!  They were so much fun I decided to share with you.  Windows complete with mechanical figurines representing New York, Moscow, Tokyo, Los Angeles, London and of course Paris were represented and I absolutely loved them.
Enjoy and get ready for some restaurant videos from Venice, coming soon!  :)