Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Ladies Who Lunch: Malan Breton Spring/Summer 2017!

Designer Malan Breton has a global style that marries luxe western design with an eastern flavor.  Malan Breton draws on his native Taiwanese heritage for themes, fabrics and colors.

For his Spring 2017 Collection, Malan Breton took his inspiration from San Xian Tai, a coastal area of Taiwan.  This inspiration influenced the colors of the collection as well as leant an exoticism to Malan’s always dramatic collections.

Malan Breton definitely knows how to put on a show and he opened this one with a dance performance by the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, setting the mood for the show to come.  The show also had celebrities modeling his clothes, including Titus Burgess and NeNe Leakes!

Malan Breton Spring 2017 is an impeccable collection of men’s and women’s wear that is luxurious, dramatic and above all stylish!

Video Photography by Mariana Leung