Friday, June 27, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: Byron Lars Beauty Mark Fall 2014 Meet & Greet!

Over the years, Byron Lars Beauty Mark has gained a loyal following of customers and what better way to introduce them to the Fall 2014 Collection than with an event where Byron can meet with them personally.

The beautifully catered event provided a welcome environment for customers to chat with Byron and to make their wish lists for a collection that will start hitting the stores in just a matter of weeks.

We spoke to Byron Lars about the event and found out first hand from his devotees why the have fallen in love with his designs!  Watch the video to see it all!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: TOCCA Spring 2014!

A chance meeting by designer Marie-Anne Oudejans with some of fashion’s power players in St. Lucia led to the launch in 1994 of the design label TOCCA.

Originally a line of feminine sun dresses, TOCCA was an instant hit and went on to expand into a full fashion line.

Marie-Anne Oudejans left TOCCA in 1998 to pursue other design interests, but the TOCCA label has carried on, growing and evolving into line that continues to attract a chic clientele.

For Spring 2014, designer Emma Fletcher showed us that TOCCA still has the allure that made the line a success two decades ago!

Video Photography by Nicole Camillucci

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: Brandon Sun Spring 2014!

A graduate of Parsons School of Design, Brandon Sun began his career in fashion design with J. Mendel and Oscar de la Renta, two distinguished luxury brands.

In February of 2011, Brandon Sun launched his own self named collection of luxury fur accessories and expanded to offering a full ready-to-wear collection in 2012.  Since that launch, Brandon Sun’s collections have continued to evolve and mature, each season proving the designers multi faceted talent.

For Spring 2014, Brandon Sun took inspiration from Japan with the female samurai as his muse.  This inspiration helped him to create a collection that is most definitely feminine, but also carries the strength of the samurai.

A beautiful collection, Brandon Sun Spring 2014 not only draws us into his world for this season, but leaves us anticipating what is next for this talented designer.

Video Photography by Natalie Kaufler

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: SAUNDER Spring 2014!

Every season, I try to discover a few designers that are fairly new to the scene.  So when I was invited to the SAUNDER Spring 2014 presentation at the High Line Hotel in Chelsea, I promptly added it to my calendar.

Designed by Emily Saunders, a native New Yorker, the SAUNDER collection emphasizes femininity with a quirky eclectic twist.  Emily Saunders infuses the collection with a mixture of the global influences garnered from her extensive travels and the downtown New York flavor of her hometown.

SAUNDER also reflects Emily Saunders’ attention to quality craftsmanship.  SAUNDER is produced from start to finish in New York’s garment district, allowing Emily Saunders’ to not only keep the collection in the city that she loves, but also allowing her to keep a hands-on control of the quality.

Video Photography by Nicole Camillucci

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: .Bk Launch at Chelsea Market!

In a sea of mass market clothing, it is refreshing to find items that are original and not massed produced.  The new .Bk shirt line is one company that is breaking that mold.

Coming from an independent film background, Teg Sethi puts a high premium on originality and doing something that not everyone else is doing.  Joining forces with his fathers expertise in apparel, Teg has created the .Bk collection of limited edition shirts that are as cool as they are scarce.

This is one shirt that you won’t find on everyone else’s back and at a price point of $72 you can afford to stand out in the crowd with .Bk.

We spoke with Teg about the .BK line at his pop-up shop at Chelsea Market to find out more about this great new collection!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: Ivana Helsinki Spring 2014!

Designer Paola Ivana Suhonen created her Ivana Helsinki Collection as her personal art-project and says that now it has become just a way of living.

And with that perspective, it is easy to see why Ivana Helsinki is more than just an apparel line, it is also an artistic expression.  Ms. Suhonen is also an artist and filmmaker and she utilizes all of those talents in creating her collection.

The Helsinki born designer creates her collections in an atelier in downtown Helsinki and her knits are all manufactured in Finland, with the hand knits coming from Lapland.

For Ivana Helsinki Spring 2014, Ms. Suhonen opened the show with a film that brought together the clothing that she created with her inspiration, setting the stage for a beautiful Spring Collection.

Video Photography by Mariana Leung