Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch: Yuna Yang Fall 2014!

Yuna Yang is a New York based designer who specializes in what she describes as “young couture”.  Her collections are inspired by her life’s journey which has spanned three continents as an artist, educator and designer!

Yuna Yang grew up in a Korean family with three generations of careers in finance and industry.  But, her own interests lie always in the arts.  After receiving her degree in fine art in Korea, Yuna traveled to Milan where she found her true passion, Fashion Design.

Yuna received her degree in design and worked in Milan before continuing on to London and earning her second degree in fashion from Central Saint Martins.

Yuna moved once again to New York, where she launched her Yuna Yang Collection for Fall Winter 2010.  Gaining attention from the fashion press and a celebrity following, Yuna Yang continues to create collections that focus on the quality of traditional couture with a modern vision.

Video Photography by Josh Bell


Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch: SAUNDER Fall 2014!

We’ve been covering SAUNDER for several seasons and with every new collection we become more devout fans.

New York designer Emily Saunders captures a sophisticated and elegant style in collections that are very wearable and chic.

For SAUNDER Fall 2014, Emily Saunders infused the collection with a rich Fall palette of coppers, oranges and blues.  Novelty European fabrics give this Fall collection a richness that is perfect for the season.

We spoke to Emily Saunders after the show to get more insight on a collection that keeps us coming back for more!

With such a brilliant SAUNDER Fall 2014, we are needless to say once again enamored with the collection and looking forward to Ms. Saunders' future collections.

Video Photography by Josh Bell


Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch: Bonnie Young Fall 2014!

Although I do love it, I very rarely cover children’s wear collections.  Between all of the men’s and women’s collections there really isn’t enough time.  However, the Bonnie Young collection has me under its spell and I can’t resist.

The Bonnie Young collection is the closest thing that you are going to find to couture for kids and the artistry of each piece makes for a collection that while still wearable is also very special.

For Fall 2014, Bonnie Young took classic shapes and gave them her own twist, giving them a modern edge.  Also refreshing for Fall 2014 is a color palette that plays with winter neutrals and pastels accentuated with white.

But the main reason Bonnie Young Fall 2014 is appealing to myself and kids alike is that the clothes are just plain cool to wear and keep us coming back for more!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past