Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: The Denim that Saved the Planet!

Eco-friendly, global warming, Kyoto Protocol: all phrases that I had never even heard of 20 years ago.  Yes, we had Earth Day and there was concern for the environment as a whole, but nothing on today’s level of planet consciousness.  The effort to heal the earth has been so amped up that unless you are Sarah Palin, you have to start looking at all of the ways that we effect our planet on a daily basis from what we drive to what we wear.
Coming out of the fashion industry, I am well aware of the challenges that the manufacturing of apparel poses in regards to the environment.  Thankfully, more and more companies are emerging with an eye towards producing garments that are truly fashionable AND are kind to our environment.

The latest company to come on the scene with this mindset is the Chicago based M2F™ Brand Denims.  Introducing their new eco-friendly line for the Fall/Holiday 2010 season, their collection of vintage denim in eleven colors and four slim-fit stretch denim styles (straight leg, classic bootcut, skinny leg, mini short) is a product that is right on mark for the direction the apparel industry needs to be heading.

The M2F™ name stands for Made2Fade Technology™.  The company was founded on this yarn technology that creates denim that is able to be produced in an unlimited number of colors that fade and wear like traditional blue jeans.  This is the first product on the market that is able to offer truly vintage finishes in colors. Since other colored denims have had to be solid dyed twill fabrics, where the dye penetrates to the core of the yarns, they do not wear and fade in the same way as traditional denim.  The colors are amazing, with the fall color palette including Swiss Chocolate, Black Tea, Greek Olive, Brick Red, Genuine Teal, Purple Haze and multiple shades of original blues.  M2F™ has their own factory that produces their yarn and M2F™ has spent a considerable amount of time developing the finish of their denim, creating a denim that is buttery soft.

If that wasn’t reason enough to check this denim collection out, M2F™, is also committed to creating their denims using earth friendly technology.  The yarn used in making M2F™ Brand Denims has been certified by the internationally recognized OEKO-TEX lab in Sweden, whose rigid 100 point testing guarantees Made2Fade™ yarns to be free of substances that can harm your health. The Jeans are individually colored in a dye bath that uses 50% less energy & water, while eliminating 100% of the toxic chemicals typical of traditional textile dyeing procedures.

M2F™ Brand Denim is just hitting the marketplace now, so check them out at Fred Segal, E Street Denim in Chicago, & on-line at Planet Blue.  While this is their first entry into the marketplace, I am looking forward to this revolutionary company expanding and becoming available to everyone nationwide. And of course, wishful thinking......looking forward to a men’s line for myself as well (hint, hint)!

Photos Courtesy of M2F™

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