Friday, September 24, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: TSE Cashmere Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

TSE Cashmere has been known in the marketplace for its luxurious cashmere pieces that have become a staple in the closets of the well-heeled. I myself own several of their pieces and wear them non-stop.  The company, however, is ready to make the move into becoming a  true fashion force and has brought in Jason Wu to do a capsule collection for the line.

For Spring/Summer 2011, his second capsule for TSE Cashmere, Mr. Wu creates mix and match looks with woven pieces that compliment the knits.  Taking his inspiration from the idea of “Illusions”, Mr. Wu took the knit company in a new direction.  A chunky, yet lightweight, sweater and dress were made by creating a new yarn from stitched chiffon and other pieces were digitally printed on cashmere for a hand painted look.  A nice capsule, it creates a new feel to the line and will bring in new customers.

But make no mistake, the regular TSE Cashmere collection is pusing the fashion envelope as well.  Mixing timeless pieces with trendier “of the moment” pieces, the TSE line also is making great advances.  Like the capsule collection, this line is mixing in more wovens, making it possible to wear the knits with coordinating woven pieces for a look that is both relaxed and elegant.  Mixing linen with silk and cashemere, the line is a collage of textures.  Trimmed with dyed leather, horn and shell buttons, and metal pins, the line has a modern and sensual look.  And while I will still appreciate their classic pieces, these new pieces have a sophistication to them that will appeal to fashionistas everywhere.

With Jason Wu’s capsule collection and the updating of the TSE Cashmere line, I see the company advancing forward and broadening their customer base in a very good way.

Photos: Mdivani Monroe

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