Monday, September 20, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: Marchesa Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Ideally, all fashion should in essence be artistically inspired.  In some instances, the art overwhelms the function of the garment and makes it in reality something that couldn't be worn or if worn, one would look ridiculous.  Marchesa manages to stay balanced on that fine line and consistently produce collections that are both artistic and wearable.  Their Spring/Summer 2011 Collection is no exception. Granted, some of them are perhaps only suited for the red carpet and one would have a hard time getting through a subway turnstile wearing a few of them, but they are still wearable works of art.

This particular collection balances dreamy fluid pieces with very architectural pieces and as a collection, they all flow together very nicely.  Dreamy fluid laces and chiffons give way to satins and taffetas with ease.  The embellishments are perfectly suited to each piece adding to its dramatic effect, integrated into the design as a logical extension of it, not thrown on as an afterthought.  The colors of the collection are whites, creams, blacks, violets and navies with some of the gowns and dresses decorated with hand painting that is beautiful in its almost impressionistic brush strokes.

Hairstyles were created for the collection by Frederic Fekkai and they complimented the collection perfectly.

I had been looking forward to Marchesa's Collection all week and I was not disappointed. Happily I remain a fan and admirer.

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