Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: Temperley Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Okay, I admit to being out of the loop sometimes.  I honestly was not familiar with the Temperley line and had no idea what to expect as I went into their presentation. So, I was a little bit surprised when it appeared that at least partially the inspiration for the collection was from Lady Gaga’s song Poker Face: “And baby when it’s love if its not rough it isn’t fun”.  Upon further inspection, I discovered that the actual inspiration for the line was Guinivere, knights and the era of King Arthur’s Court.

Mixing romanticism with elements inspired by armor, this is a collection of contrasts.  A hooded tunic in a chain mail knit, foil-printed draped jerseys, embroidered tulle, leather, studded jackets, and ruffles all mesh together in a collection that play on femininity and its opposing tough side.  Sexy and feminine silhouettes with harder edged metal and leather accents were shone in a color palette of white, blush, metallic golds, metallic grays, and metallic bronzes that were accented with intarsia knits and animal prints.

Underneath the bondage hardware used in some of the outfits for dramatic effect in presentation, this is a beautiful line with pieces that can be worn everyday and pieces for those special occasions as well.  
photos: Mdivani Monroe


  1. I like most of the pieces in this line, especially those in the last two pictures. I think they've become more mainstream since participating in the Go! line at Target. I wouldn't mind owning a few pieces. Thanks for featuring. :-)


  2. Very interesting. Actually very pretty texturally! I hadn't heard of the line either! I think I could see them all working in one way or another with the exception of the first shot ... looks like you need to hand her a sword and a steed!

  3. What an interesting collection, Mdivani! It actually works quite nicely together, the contrast between feminine and knighthood! Love the creative inspiration in this one :)