Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: Men's Pick Fall 2010

The middle of August is upon us already!! As I have been perusing this Fall’s offerings and making my “Must Have” selections for women, it suddenly occurred to me that I have not made any “Must Have” picks for men yet.  This is clearly something that I must remedy.
As I think of Fall, my mind turns to that special crispness in the air and a certain smell that is hard to pinpoint.  It is a little bit the smell of dry leaves and a cool freshness mixed together that conjures up images of evenings before the fireplace and jumping back into the social season!
As I have been spending the last few Falls on the West Coast and overseas, my Fall/Winter wardrobe is definitely in need of sprucing up.  Especially since I plan to be spending more time at home in NY.
All of these musings lead me to my “Must Have” Men’s Fall 2010 pick.  The military jacket or coat.  This tailored masculine look is not only flattering, but it is also a lot of fun.  The attention to detail is definitely appealing: perfectly placed pockets, beautiful hardware, shoulder broadening epaulettes.  I am definitely loving this look for Fall.  So, the search for my fave of this look is on.

I am a sucker for a trench coat and trench coats are a popularized style that originated in the military.  Trench coats are timeless and a good wardrobe builder.  And who doesn’t look good in a trench?  But not your usual trench, I’m looking for a trench that functions as a Fall overcoat.  I turned to Burberry, the master of trench coats, and sure enough, they have a beautiful military inspired wool trench. Truly a beautiful coat, it also appeals to my practical side, as it is black and will never truly go out of style.

However, my playful side is thinking of also taking advantage of some of the more dramatic of this military trend.  Burberry is also offering an overcoat that is a little less subtle in its military reference.  I love the khaki color of this coat, the gold buttons, wide buttoned cuffs and large pocket flaps.  The Yum Factor of this coat definitely sucks me right in.

 On the runway, Burberry showed a beautiful collection of military inspired jackets and coats and so few of them made it to retail.  Quite disappointing. One in particular had a zipper at the waist so that you could unzip the lower half and turn it into a short cropped jacket.  Which got me to thinking.  Since I couldn’t get the 2 in 1 coat, perhaps I should also look into a short jacket.  Burberry has a great military themed short jacket in the khaki green that I am finding appealing.  With its Nehru collar and tightly spaced buttons, this jacket looks like it could just fit the bill.

If only choices were that easy!!  I have also found a great cropped jacket from McQ.  Like the Burberry trench, its military reference is a bit more subtle, but it is still a gorgeous jacket.  The boxy cropped fit would work perfectly for the seasons layered look and again like the trench it is timeless in its styling.
While I may have chosen the “Must Have” piece for Fall 2010 Men, I will still need to choose which  of these styles will win out. Will dramatic or classic win out?  It looks like I will have a hard time determining which one (or ones if I am lucky) to go with.  Wish me luck!!

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