Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: Fall 2010 1st Must Have

It has always seemed a bit bizarre that the dead on Fall lines arrive in the middle of the summer amid the sweltering heat.  My mind is most definitely not thinking about Fall/Winter coats at this time.  The whole buy now/wear now mentality is rapidly becoming the norm. However, if you are truly into the fashion groove, you know that if you don’t shop now for those special pieces, they will be gone by the time Fall rolls around.  And who wants to get stuck with the dowdy pieces no one else wanted??

So with that in mind, I am starting to search out my fave must have pieces for this upcoming fall season.  My first must have is a bomber!! Marc by Marc Jacobs has a great twill one in what they are calling Maverick Green.  The military influence is not only apparent in the color, but also in the large flapped pockets and epaulets.  I love that it has a drawstring waist so that you have the option of cinching it in and highlighting the waist or uncinching it for a more relaxed look.  And if that all weren’t enough, the tonal faux fur collar completes the look perfectly.

Loves it!!  Go to Bergdof Goodman, my favorite temple of worship, to check it out!!

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  1. Love it! Versatile piece, and especially love the drawstring detail!