Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: All That Glitters........

Are suffering from Shopping Ennui?  From time to time, even I can fall into that abyss.  At times like these, I need a metaphorical defibrillator to jolt me back into my shopping groove.
I found myself slipping into one of these conditions this week and despaired that it may be irreversible.  Then I discovered these new handbags by Chanel and I experienced a miraculous recovery!!  The phrase “Diamonds are a girls best friend” may be cliche, but at least in my book it still rings true.  And even if they are not real diamonds, I am most certainly attracted to the glitter of the bling on these bags.  Like a moth to a flame, I have been sucked in and just can’t help thinking about these bags.

Most people would leave these as exclusively for evening, but I think that a person with the right fashion sense could make these bags rock during the daytime as well.  A little bit of glamour during the day can definitely put you on the celebrity circuit, even if it is only in your head!!  But then again, thoughts become things I keep being told, so bring it on :)

Check them out on the Chanel Site :,1

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