Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ladies who Lunch: Cupcake Nation

The emergence of Cupcake Culture several years ago has led to a proliferation of them in the market place.  It seems like everyone and their mother is making cupcakes these days!!  As I am always watching my weight, I don’t consume a massive amount of cupcakes, but I am always in for trying a new one.  I have discovered a few that have become favorites, Babycakes being my recent passion.
Just when I thought that I had seen everything in the cupcake world, I am surprised to find new talent.  This talent comes in the form of Decorative Cupcakes and Cookies By Linda.  Last Saturday evening, I was at the launch party for ACT Today! for Military Families (Autism Cure & Treatment).  Dessert was served and the centerpiece of the selections was a display of cupcakes, decorated sugar cookies and lemon cookies.

The cupcakes took center stage with their delicate, almost fragile, icing and they were topped with a small flower, also made of icing.  Oftentimes, cupcakes that are visually beautiful do not necessarily deliver in the taste category and vice versa.  The flavor and texture of these cupcakes lived up to their artistic veneer: not overly sweet, light moist and melt in your mouth.  I tried the red velvet cupcake and was hooked.

Once I had satisfied the cupcake urge, I finally paid attention to the cookies.  The decorated sugar cookies were the first of the cookies that caught my attention.  Since this was a wine tasting event, the cookies were decorated with that theme.  Small cookies with white icing and topped with an icing medallion of a grape cluster vied for my attention with larger cookies in the shape of a cluster of grapes.  The icing on the larger cookie was executed perfectly and on top of that, Linda somehow managed to emboss the frosting with a subtle design.  Like the cupcakes, the sugar cookies deliver a just right combination of sweetness and flavor
Then there are the lemon cookies.  Not as showy as the cupcakes or sugar cookies, they are still pleasant to the eye and deliver incredibly on flavor.  Again, not overly sweet, these lemon cookies really are about a fresh lemon taste that wafts across your tongue and circulates around your mouth.  The texture is ever so crisp on the outside and airy, moist and slightly chewy in the center.  A perfect lemon cookie.

It is not very often that I am this impressed with cookies and cupcakes, so take note! These creations are little pieces of art and you almost hesitate to eat them since they are so beautiful.  Whether for an event or just for yourself, I would definitely give this emerging talent a try!!
Decorative Cookies and Cupcakes By Linda (located in Orange County, CA)


  1. Awesome review Linda! Congratulations my friend. You're an amazing woman and have persevered to come out on top. God bless and prayers for continued success!!! ... T. Fenton

  2. These cupcakes & cookies look beautiful!! YUM.