Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World!

I have always said, “Give me a movie with beautiful fashion and I am content!”.  This philosophy has left me endlessly mesmerized by a multitude of films with just okay scripts.  But what they lack in script, they make up for in eye candy.  A good example of this would be the film “If A Man Answers”.  A Sandra Dee/Bobby Darren film that to most people would be forgettable.  I however bought the DVD as soon as it was released.  “Why?”, you might ask!!  The fashion and the atmosphere, of course.
I can pretty much watch any Sandra Dee movie over and over again.  She is always perfectly coiffed and wears the most divine clothes.  A few minutes into one of these films, I am transfixed to the screen and audible sighs are expressed frequently.  It is during these moments that I remember why I got involved in the fashion industry to begin with. I am sucked back in like an alcoholic who has been on the wagon and has just had a drink again for the first time.  Simply hopeless.
Imagine my delight when I could get a weekly fix of that fashion AND a script that is equally good. Yes, I discovered “Mad Men”!!  Still loving those brilliant ultra-feminine styles and still oooh and aaah over them, even on a TV show.  And it seems as if I am not the only one!!  “Mad Men” fashion seems to have infected quite a large part of the population, launching many a raid upon vintage stores across the country. Who wouldn’t want to look like January Jones?? I figured that it was only a matter of time before the current fashion industry would jump in on it.  Leave it to Marc Jacobs to take it on full force.  His Fall 2010 line for Louis Vuitton is quite simply luscious.  The line exudes the femininity and style that the early 60’s had, yet makes it modern and oh so right on target for today. I know that it is most likely a fleeting fad, but I’ll take it for as long as it lasts :)


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