Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Zang Toi Fall 2012!

If you looked up the word "luxury' in the dictionary, it would not surprise me to find the name Zang Toi as one of the definition entries!  Zang Toi took us on an exotic trip to Morocco for his Spring 2012 Collection, so I looked forward with great anticipation as to what would be this super talented designer's vision for Fall 2012.

Zang Toi's inspiration for Fall 2012 was Gstaad and the collection reflected that brilliantly.  For daywear, the color palette was refreshingly Winter White and Black with luxurious wools, cashmeres and laces creating a line that is truly jet setter chic.  With a hint of a glamorous 60's vibe, clean lines and micro-minis were accentuated with elaborate upswept hairdos reminiscent of the days of Verushka!

Zang Toi's evening pieces were show stoppers, adding a dramatic ruby red to the collection's color palette!  A beautiful Ratti print was introduced into the evening group as well, giving an already perfect collection that extra punch of dimension.

As stunning as the collection was on the runway, the attention to detail  in Zang Toi's Collection is impeccable.  From tone-on-tone embroideries and lace linings, to couture level craftsmanship, Zang Toi's Fall 2012 collection is a refreshing breath of fresh air that makes me long for a retreat in Gstaad!

Video Photography David TW Leung


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