Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Basil Soda Strikes Again at Cannes Festival!

Marion Cotillard in Basil Soda

Last January I discovered Couture designer Basil Soda and posted about him during Haute Couture week in Paris.  His sophisticated and elegant eveningwear captured my attention and I became a big fan!  The collection that he showed in January was absolutely gorgeous with intricate details that were subtle yet stunning that as a designer myself could truly appreciate!
I am so happy to see that Basil Soda is making his mark on the 65th Cannes Film Festival!  The brilliant designer’s gowns have shown up on the red carpet numerous times and have again captured my attention.

Marion Cotillard w/ Shailene Woodley & Ezra Miller
I am unabashedly a major fan of Marion Cotillard.  She was brilliant in her Oscar winning performance as Piaf in La Vie En Rose and I thought she was the best part of the film version of Nine.  I was happy to see her decked out in a strapless black crepe, fish net and gold lace Basil Soda cocktail dress at the Cannes Festival and as usual she was stunning.

Emmanuelle Devos in Basil Soda
Not a familiar face to American audiences, Emmanuelle Devos is also an actress I am quite fond of!  In the States, I have to rent her films on Netflix or catch them on TV5, but her performances are always worth the extra effort.  I noticed her on the red carpet looking perfectly elegant in this black crepe and double satin Basil Soda gown!
I guess my instinct about Basil Soda last January was on target, since he is hitting the ball out of the park at this year’s Cannes Festival!

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  1. oh love the dresses and shes amazing :-) oh to go to cannes now that would be fun :-)