Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch: L.A. Fashion Weekend 2011 Part 3

Having previously reported on the womenswear and handbag portion of my evening at L.A. Fashion Weekend at the Sunset Gower Studios, it is time to move on to the two menswear collections!

The first of the men’s collections to hit the runway was Z-Brand, a line that offers clothing for a relaxed casual lifestyle.  Z-Brand originated from the designer’s travels around the world and the effects that travel had on his clothes: a worn-around-the-edges relaxed and on-the-move look.

For Fall 2011, Z-Brand took its inspiration from Jon Krakauer’s novel “Into the Wild”, bringing an even more rugged masculine feel to the collection.  Presenting a good mix of denim, knits, plaid shirts and bulky cardigans, Z-Brand can easily and stylishly fill your needs for casual wear.  And let’s face it, people are dressing more casually than ever.

Next of the men’s collections presented was Civil Society, designed by Brad Schwartz.  While Z-Brand goes after that casual “I don’t care about my clothes” look, Civil Society is more for the man who wants to make a statement with his clothes.

Civil Society combines European craftsmanship with American sensibility, blending old-school tailoring with modern textiles and trim details.  Citing its inspiration as “the creativity and original style of musicians and everyday people”, Civil Society’s Fall 2011 collection has more of an urban dressier appeal.  The collection includes a variety of jackets, sleek pants, vests, dress shirts and hoodies, suitable for everyone from rock stars to more relaxed office attire.
Seeing two lines back to back like this empahsized how different they were and how they both not only were viable as LA lines, but could also have a broader universal appeal.  I can easily see hanging both in my closet to suit different activities and moods!

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