Friday, April 1, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch: Future Heretics Fall 2011

Style Fashion Week LA hosted the Future Heretics Fall 2011 show in the middle of a week of presentations that were as diverse as is the city of Los Angeles.

Future Heretics describes itself as a “premium-denim based street-wear line”.  But as the Fall 2011 Collection proved, the company has become more than that.  Talking about who his customer is, designer Brydon Lando says that there is something for everyone in this line and I agree.  If you pull individual pieces out of the line, they are very wearable and will appeal to a mass audience with nicely styled sportswear including jackets, knitwear, and outerwear pieces.

As shown on the runway, the line will especially appeal to a customer who is a little more cutting edge and particularly favors a rock star look.  The line has a decided edginess to it, giving it a character that sets it apart from other denim lines.  Mr. Lando said that a big inspiration for this collection was the idea of a gothic take on an explorer and this inspiration was evident in the styling of the garments.  Keeping with the gothic inspiration, colors for the line are  dark, favoring blacks and greys, with the occasional muted brown or maroon.  A few of my favorite pieces were made with denim changeant fabric, giving the line a muted, but noticeable shine.

The line was accessorized with jewelry by M. Cohen Design.  M. Cohen jewelry mixes metals, wire, and stones for a look that is perfectly in sync with the Future Heretics line, especially when they are layered.  Quickly becoming a favorite with celebrities like Johnny Depp, Mr. Cohen’s designs work well as individual pieces, but really gain full impact when worn in layered combinations.

The success of Future Heretics Fall 2011 line lies in its ability to provide key pieces with broad appeal, while maintaining an aura of rocker rebelliousness.  Myself not really the rocker type, I still was able to find numerous pieces that I would love to add to my closet.

Video by Omri Escalante

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