Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: Vivienne Tam Spring 2014!

Vivienne Tam is a master of merging East with West and for Spring 2014, she does it to perfection.  But she not only merges East and West, Vivienne Tam also merges past and present. Taking her inspiration from the iconic 1930’s Shanghai Calendar Girls and the vibrant modern day city of Shanghai she creates a collection that subtly references the past while being completely contemporary.

Vivienne Tam doesn’t translate her inspiration literally, instead using it to portray the pulsing Shanghai with architectural cuts and updated graphic prints that have classic Chinese themes, like her use of a lotus blossom print.

Also referencing traditional Shanghai paper cutting techniques, Vivienne Tam utilizes a lot of prints that have a graphic and paper cut feel to them.

Vivienne Tam calls her woman “the new Shanghai girl - a woman who travels a lot, is comfortable and free, and can go day to evening.”

And as Vivienne Tam described her new Shanghai Girl, the Spring 2014 collection also moves seamlessly from day to evening supplying chic options for today’s modern woman from Shanghai to New York and everywhere in between!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

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  1. In love with this collection! Such outstanding prints! ;D

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