Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: Travel Skincare with Elizabeth Arden!

We are already several weeks into the Summer and everyone I know is taking off for their Summer Vacation.  Whether you have days at the beach, outdoor cafés oreven garden parties on the menu, this is one season when taking care of your skin is vital. However, it is just important to give extra attention to your skin while traveling.

Traveling can take a toll on the skin, especially if traveling by plane.  Air travel dehydrates the body, so making sure that you and your skin stay hydrated is essential to looking and feeling your best when you reach your destination!  Because, fashion is not only about what you where, but how you look wearing it!

Elizabeth Arden, famous for their Red Door Spas, has been a leader and innovator in beauty and skincare products for over 100 years.  They continue to lead the way with products that meet the needs of the modern day woman (and even the modern day man!) for all of their beauty and skincare needs.

Rebecca Restrepo, a global make-up artist, has given us her top 5 travel tips, utilizing the amazing products from Elizabeth Arden!  Here are her tips:
  1. Skincare is even more important when traveling. I love multi-use products and ones that can be packed in a carry-on bag. The Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum deliver so much moisture. I apply mine mid-flight for extra hydration and also use as a makeup primer when traveling.

   2.  Skin can get very dehydrated when flying, so Eight Hour Cream is essential!
        I apply to my lips before every flight and use it on my hands and elbows
        throughout flight. I like to warm up the product in the palms of my hands
        before applying to my skin, helping it activate and absorb quickly.

   3.  My eyes get very puffy when I fly. Instead of using regular eye cream, I
        gently dab the Visible Difference Brightening Eye Gel in circular motions for
        better results.
   4.  Someone once told me that solids travel better than liquids, so now I never 
        go anywhere without my Flawless Finish Sponge-On Cream Makeup.  It
        provides as much coverage as I need without making a mess in my makeup

   5.  Before I land after a long flight, the perfect pick-me-up is a touch of blush to
        brighten the cheeks, a swipe of shadow to open the eye and a dab of rosy lip
        gloss.  To achieve this fresh and well rested look, Ceramide Cream Blush in
        Nectar, Beautiful Eye Color Eye Shadow in Innocence and
        Beautiful Color Luminous Lip Gloss in Sweet Pink are my go to products!
So Ladies (and Gentlemen), before you start your treks around the globe, stop by Elizabeth Arden to find out more about these must-have travel products!  While I as a man have no need for the actual cosmetic products, I will be checking out and packing the moisturizing products on my next flight!  And travel skincare is important throughout the year, so I’ll make sure that I am well prepared for my Winter trip to India as well!

Happy Traveling!

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