Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: THALÉ BLANC Fall 2013!

We caught up with Deborah Sawaf at the Trump International on Columbus Circle for an intimate introduction to her magnificent THALÉ BLANC Fall 2013 collection.

Channeling her Indian Heritage into her THALÉ BLANC handbag and jewelry collection, designer Deborah Sawaf has created a luxe line of must have items that you won’t want to miss.

Originally from Mumbai, India, Deborah Sawaf began her career in couture embroidery and embellishment, working with some of the worlds biggest names in couture clothing.  Ms. Sawaf is also a certified gemologist and she uses that knowledge to create her jeweled closures and jewelry!


Deborah Sawaf’s background in couture fashion is evident in her THALÉ BLANC collection which combines traditional craftsmanship, the finest materials and modern technique for handbags and jewelry that are statement pieces.

Whether you want bling or understated elegance, each piece in the THALÉ BLANC Fall 2013 collection is a work of art.

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

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  1. Wow, the collections look beautiful!