Thursday, April 11, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: DONCASTER Spring 2013

DONCASTER has been around for over 80 years, transitioning from being a men’s shirting company to a women’s sportswear line over the years.  Surprisingly, despite their longevity, I have only become aware of DONCASTER within the last year.

A pioneer in the direct sales market, DONCASTER presents a wonderful lifestyle collection that is designed to take the sophisticated modern woman through the many facets of her day and evening.  For Spring 2013, DONCASTER offers a large suitably chic collection that meets the needs of a wide variety of stylish women.

Bringing her trademark style and finesse to DONCASTER, designer Particia Clyne has made the Spring 2013 Collection one that you will definitely want in your closet!  Balancing comfort, wearability and high fashion can be a tricky feat, but Patricia Clyne proves once again that it is possible!

Check out the DONCASTER Spring 2013 Collection and I am sure that you will be as impressed as I am!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

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