Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch: 4 Corners of a Circle Spring 2013!

Designer Natsuko Kanno draws the inspiration for her 4 Corners of a Circle collection from her native Japan, taking Japanese culture and marrying it with a modern western sensibility.

For 4 Corners of a Circle Spring 2013, Ms. Kanno took her inspiration from Tanabata, the Japanese Star Festival.  Tanabata takes it’s origins from a Chinese folklore story about two lovers who are separated and Ms. Kanno uses the theme of love and hope to infuse her collection with a lightness and romanticism.

Translating her inspiration into the collection, Natsuko Kanno’s Galaxy Print of a floating pattern of stars is a key component.  The print appears on sheer shirts, t-shirts, car coats and even on city shorts with overlay details.

The silhouettes for the collection are an interesting melange of light and flowing with an architectural edge.  This melange produces interesting shapes and details, while still remaining romantic and feminine.

It is interesting to see how each season Natsuko Kanno evolves as a designer.  For Spring 2013 her 4 Corners of a Circle collection has once again shown that she is a designer to keep your eye on.

Video Photography by Natalie Kaufler

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