Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Toni Francesc Spring 2013!

Toni Francesc, one of my favorite designers, has been missing from New York Fashion Week for the past two seasons.  But, that doesn’t mean that he has been idle!  Au contraire!  Toni Francesc has been busy creating and showing his beautiful collections in his native Barcelona!  For Spring 2013, Toni Francesc presented his collection at the Palau de Pedralbes, the former city residence of the Spanish Royal Family.

One of the things that I love about Toni Francesc is that he always builds his collections around a bold artistic theme, consistently producing dramatic collections each season. The theme for Spring 2013 was “Gypsum”.  Inspired by crystals and stones, the collection connects functional design with a woman’s sensuality.  Using a constructive approach with the fabrics in each piece, he tries to capture the look of plaster in its mineral state.  Clean lines and geometric shapes marked this collection that merges with the body to show balance, fluidity and femininity.

Mr. Francesc’s color palette incorporated into the collection neutrals like selenite and alabaster mixed with shades of green, blue and orange.  He also played with transparency, opaque and dusty colors, and to get the architectural feeling colors that have a feeling of plaster and cement.  

For fabrics, the collection relies on the fluidity of silk and tencel as well as cottons, wool, linen and organza to achieve the architectural qualities in the pieces.  All of these elements come together to create a look that is strong and balanced, while also being sensual and fragile.

While Toni Francesc may be missed during Fashion Week, you can now shop his line at the Trinity Place Store in New York at 61 Broadway!    They will also carry his Veneno en la Piel by Toni Francesc line that offers ceremony, party and cocktail dresses with a young, fresh, feminine and seductive style!!  The new department store just opened in October and when completed will have men’s, women’s and children’s clothing and accessories from European and Australian designers! So if you are a New Yorker or just in for a visit, take a trip to the store to see Toni Francesc’s Collections in person!

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