Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: MADISONPARK COLLECTIVE Fall 2012!

Admittedly I am a fashion snob, which means that it isn’t very often that a collection grabs my attention.  Wearable menswear tends to be fairly safe and conservative, evoking the adage “a rose is a rose”.

However, for Fall 2012, I discovered MADSIONPARK COLLECTIVE, a line of pants that has captured my attention and has stuck in my mind.  In particular, I have been lusting after a pair of the Fireman pants and look forward to purchasing them.

Beginning his career in the original cast of the Broadway Show “Blast”, MADISONPARK COLLECTIVE’S designer Trey Alligood fell into the fashion industry after a back injury sent him to Los Angeles for physical therapy.  Having fallen in love with fashion, Trey opened a wholesale showroom with his partner Michelle Peschel where they represent several different designers.

It was a natural progression for them to launch their own collection as well and MADSIONPARK COLLECTIVE was born.  Besides being an extremely cool line of pants designs, MADSIONPARK COLLECTIVE is made in the USA, made of reclaimed and recycled cottons and utilizes eco-friendly wash process’s.  And if all that isn’t enough reason to fall in love with this line, MADSIONPARK COLLECTIVE has made partnerships with charities in order to give back and “make the world a better place”

I for one am sold!  You can find MADSIONPARK COLLECTIVE at Ron Herman, Atrium NYC, Bloomingdales, Saks, Nordstrom, and several other stores across the U.S.

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