Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Stop Staring! Spring 2012

Honestly, before the Fall 2011 runway show at Style Fashion Week LA, I had not even heard of Stop Staring!.  As I mingled with other guests, I was very aware of a large number of the women wearing very sexy, form fitting garments.  And while some of them were model thin, there were also women of all shapes and sizes wearing similar outfits and all looked equally stunning.  While being completely modern and of the moment, the outfits all had a vintage essence to them that harkened back to old Hollywood glamour.

Then I saw the Stop Staring! runway show and realized that the guests in the audience were all customers of this brand that transformed all of them into Hollywood Starlets.  Designer Alicia Estrada created the company in 1977 and has been gaining a loyal following ever since, from Nicole Kidman and Christina Aguilera to everyday women across the globe

At prices that are consistently affordable, adding a Stop Staring! dress or outfit to your wardrobe won’t break the bank!  The Sheath All That Dress is a good example of the Stop Staring! style at an affordable $149.00.  But who can put a price on glamour? :)
With an emphasis on figure flattering garments, Alicia Estrada creates outfits that embrace the female form with designs that are vintage inspired yet timeless and classic.  For Spring 2012, the Stop Staring! collection continues to delight with its signature style while adding in bold prints and new drapes.  The show was presented at Style Fashion Week LA and began with an introduction by comedienne Lisa Ann Walter, looking fantastic in a Stop Staring dress!

Watch the Ladies Who Lunch/ video of show with interview of designer Alicia Estrada and find out why you too will become a fan of Stop Staring!.

Video Photography by Diana Canchola