Friday, February 24, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Gypsy 05 Spring 2012!

Gypsy 05 has its own dye house which gives it a major advantage over many other labels.  Being able to experiment and control the dying process allows them to create brilliant and innovative colored garments.

But color is not the only draw to Gypsy 05.  The designs themselves are reflective of a lifestyle that is relaxed, yet sophisticated.  A favorite of Hollywood stars, Gypsy 05’s California chic style has an appeal that goes far beyond the borders of the Golden State!

Opening the show for their Spring 2012 collection with a performance by the PTERO Dance Theater, designer’s Osi and Dotan Shoham of Gypsy 05 once again set the stage for one of their spectacular shows.  Projected images became the backdrop to the show, with doorways opening up to bring us to middle eastern bazaars, rain forests, waterfalls and beyond.

Creating a complete theatrical experience is just one of the reasons that Gypsy 05 is one of the most anticipated shows each season at Style Fashion Week LA.  And of course the beautiful garments is the other reason!

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  1. enjoyed watching :-) got to love the Aussie make up artist he he