Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ladies Who Lunch: Basil Soda Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2012!

Although I have not posted about the Haute Couture Fashion shows this past  week, they have not gone unnoticed.  Haute Couture was my first love in the Fashion World and I look forward to covering the shows in person in the very near future! :)
Because he is relatively new to me, one designer did capture my attention enough to bring him to your attention, Basil Soda.  Benefitting from more than 20 years experience in Haute Couture, Basil Soda opened his Couture House in 2001.  The Lebanese designer has captured the attention of numerous celebs and his designs have been seen on the red carpet at events like the Grammy’s!

Showing his Spring/Summer 2012 collection in Paris, Basil Soda’s designs built on his nature themes of the past two seasons. Gowns were decorated with details of straw-like strands of silk string, antiqued gold metallic twigs, and petite grey crystal buds creating plant-like forms.  Unadorned silk web fabric was carefully pealed back in places to reveal the complex decoration of the inner body of the gowns.

The seemingly simple silhouettes belie the masterful construction and the details that can really only be truly appreciated by examining them up close.  Soda wanted to take his organic style and put it under a microscope, producing a collection that is subtly but intricately decorated.  Lace is pieced together and twisted into delicate patterns and decorated tops give way to flowing layers of lace and pleated georgette.

A beautiful collection, Basil Soda has again proven that he is a talent to keep an eye on!

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