Friday, December 9, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch: Zang Toi Holiday Super Sale!

Of all of the shows that I attend during Fashion Week, the Zang Toi show is one that I most look forward to.  Zang Toi’s collections are well thought out, focused, creative, luxurious and just plain beautiful.  Zang Toi’s talent shines in all of his presentations!  And the garments are just phenomenal: the best quality fabrics, beautiful craftsmanship and a style that is simply elegant!  Mr. Toi knows his clientele and gives them exactly what they want and need!

Now it’s your chance to dive into some Zang Toi Style!  Zang Toi is holding a Holiday Super Sale sample sale in his private showroom on 57th Street in New York.  Merchandise will be offered at up to 50% off on selected items.  In addition to Zang Toi apparel, there will also be fine jewelry from B Wendy Brandes and shirts from P-3 The Bamboo Shirt, 100% Organic and eco-friendly.

Don’t miss this opportunity to add some Zang Toi to your wardrobe, accessorize with jewelry from B Wendy Brandes and a great shirt from P-3 The Bamboo Shirt.
December 13th & 14th 2011
11am - 8pm
30 West 57th Street, 7th Floor
New York, NY 10019
212-757-1200 /

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