Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch: Naturalizer Fall 2011 - Comfort vs. Fashion!

Comfort versus Fashion, that is always the dilemma.  Personally, I always opt for fashion and feel that being uncomfortable is a small price to pay for being chic.  As a child, when I complained about being uncomfortable in my Sunday Best, it was explained to me that you dressed well, NOT for yourself, but out of respect for those that would be around you.  While I agree with that, I still get great personal pleasure out of wearing incredible clothes.

But are Comfort and Fashion really diametrically opposed?  Perhaps not.  Founded in 1927, the Naturalizer shoe company has been know for having practical, comfortable shoes.  While their shoes are always very nice aesthetically, you could hardly call them fashionable.  However, Naturalizer is changing all of that, by introducing into their line a collection of fashion conscious shoes that follow the trends, yet are still comfortable!
We dropped by the Times Square Naturalizer boutique to explore the new line and what it is all about!

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