Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch: Harmony by Amyn!

Like most of my generation in the 80’s, we piled on the chunky jewelry.  Think of Madonna with numerous black rubber bracelets layered with chunky silver bracelets.  I continued to wear at least one bracelet for years, then my favorite one broke and I kind of fell out of the habit of wearing them.  But, whether it is something in the air or I don’t know what, I’m feeling in the mood to start wearing a bracelet again and am in search of some good ones!

Which brings me to Amyn and Jewelry on 7th in Santa Monica, CA.  Last March, while covering the Go Red for Women Celebrity Fashion Show benefitting the American Heart Association, I met Amyn who was supplying all of the jewelry for the runway.  The jewelry was artistic, sparkling with diamonds and lent each outfit the glamour and sophistication that it needed.

Fast forward to October, where I was covering LA Fashion Week.  Amyn called me to inquire about using the Go Red Show video on his website and I told him it would be my pleasure.  While passing off discs to an associate of Amyn’s, Gotham of Cloud 21, I learned of the new silver line of jewelry that was going to be launched in November.  Amyn and Gotham invited me to the photoshoot for the ad campaign to get a first hand look at what it was all about. I then followed up by meeting with Amyn in his boutique, to learn more about him, his regular collection and Harmony by Amyn.

Photographer Kevin Break captured the mood of the jewelry for the ad campaign with models Jennifer Akerman, Paulina Bray and Jonathan Torres.

The new silver line, Harmony by Amyn, is bold, artistic, edgy and very sexy.  The collection is also very unisex, making it interchangeably perfect for both women and men.  Needless to say, I think I have discovered my new silver bracelet.  That is if I can manage to restrict myself to buying only one! 

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