Monday, October 31, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch: Son Jung Wan Spring 2012!

Usually when I go to a Fashion Show, I am familiar with the designer and have expectations of what will come down the runway.  However, in the case of designer Son Jung Wan, I had no preconceived notions of what I would be seeing.  I interviewed Son Jung Wan before the show and got a glimpse of a few garments, but not enough to form an opinion.  So, when I was finally in the audience watching the show, it was a total revelation!

Based on this collection, it was apparent to me why this designer is one of the largest designer labels in Korea. Son Jung Wan is introducing her line to the US market and I can say with certainty that the line is a definite fit with the American Market.
A collection with an emphasis on drape, sometimes in an almost architectural way, the silhouettes emphasized the body even when they were loose and flowing.  I was also impressed with how the line can seamlessly adapt to a varied clientele.  There are dresses and separates with a style and sophistication that you could clearly see on someone like Kelly Rutherford, but there are also sexier younger pieces that would be a perfect fit for the Blake Livelys of the world.  And to top it all off, there was a sprinkling of menswear in the collection that are right up my alley!
Inspired by the Isle of Capri, the line has a Mediterranean feel to it, further enhanced by a color palette that emphasizes whites, sands and the various blues in the sea!
Watch the interview with designer Son Jung Wan and see the collection that I think will make her as important in America as she is in Korea.

Video Photography by Nicholas Waickman

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