Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ladies Who Lunch: New Delhi Fab Shopping & Fabindia!

GK-1 N-Block Market
Having spent the previous day in Old Delhi exploring the Chandni Chowk Market, I was ready to discover what New Delhi had to offer.  I wouldn’t have missed the experience of going through the ancient market for the world, but as you must know by now, I am constantly in need of a chic shopping experience.  I was sure that New Delhi must have an abundance of such venues, but how does one find them?  I asked some folks at the US Embassy and they pointed me in the direction of my first destination: Greater Kailash.

Greater Kailash is a section of South Delhi that houses some of the most affluent residential areas and shopping districts in all of Delhi.  Geographically it is divided into four zones and they are referred to as GK-I, GK-II, GK-III, & GK-IV.  The shopping areas are identified by block letters, with the M-Block market boasting such famous brands as Esprit, Sisley, Benneton, Addidas, LaCoste, etc.  I was more interested in finding shopping that would be less generic and more representative of India, so we headed over to the N-Block Market in GK-1.

I was looking for chic Indian shopping and by jove I’d found it!  The N-Block Market is home to a cluster of shops and restaurants that will give you that much needed shopping therapy!  Stunning silver giftware can be found at Episode, home furnishings and wine glasses at Tarini, designer clothing at the boutique of Indian designer Ravi Bajaj, and contemporary designs using traditional textile craft at Anokhi can all be found here.  You can also grab a bite to eat at the chic group of Kasbah Restaurants, which offer Indian or Italian Cuisine.  For lighter meals, you can grab a bite at Café Turtle or some dessert at Kasa Gelato.  And if you are looking for that drink to end the day (or begin your evening!) Head over to Mannekin Bar & lounge or to Shalom for Lebanese Cuisine and hookahs!

Café Turtle

Mannekin Bar


With so much to choose from, I was particularly impressed with Fabindia!  GK-1 is home to their flagship store, which opened in 1976.  Fabindia at GK-1 is now comprised of three stores, one dedicated to garments, one dedicated to home furnishings, and one dedicated to linens, all within a stones throw of each other.  The merchandise sold at Fabindia is made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes. They work with over 40,000 craft based rural producers, creating a base for skilled sustainable rural employment and preserving India’s traditional handicrafts.  So when you but from Fabindia, you are getting the real deal!

Apparel for both men, women and children is offered in styles that are traditional to India with a totally modern wearable look.  Women can choose between Kurtas in both long and short versions, Salwars and Churidars (the traditional pants worn with the Kurta) and Dupattas (the scarves that complete the look for any chic Indian woman).  All of the garments are in cotton or silk and display the vibrant colors and embroidery that are an amazing part of India.  You can also pick up bags and jewelry at the store to go with your new outfit.

For men, take home a taste of India with cool tunics and Kurtas, hand crafted cotton shirts, Churidars and even vests (which they refer to as jackets).  All of these looks are great for hot summer days or for a chic casual look.

The Home and Linen stores offer bedspreads, sheets, curtains, quilts, tablecloths, placemats & napkins, cushions, etc., all made with the beautiful handcrafted Indian techniques. And, like the clothing, the colors and textures are phenomenal.

At prices ranging from $12 to the most expensive item around $100,  it is easy to become lost in Fabindia and want to go on a shopping frenzy!  I was amazed that men’s shirts were priced around $25, vests from $25 - $55, and Kurta’s from $18 - $75.
When in Delhi, the GK-1 N-Block Market is a must destination!  Upscale surroundings, a fantastic selection of shops, cafés and restaurants and the opportunity to bring home a piece of India at unbelievable prices.  What more could you want? It is already on my permanent list of places to visit whenever I go to Delhi!


  1. Nice Mdivani!! You can easily write a food, shopping and touring guide of India. I anxiousely await your posts and take so much joy when you publish one!! Great job as always!! Shulie

  2. Thanks Shulie! More on the way! Having a hard time keeping up with writing, background work, charity work and preparing for Fashion Week. But definitely more on the way :)