Monday, November 1, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: M5 Couture Spring/Summer 2011 Collection

Besides benefitting Entertainment AIDS Alliance, the Fashion Minga event also showcased 5 Southern California design houses.  Events like these can be very important to small design houses, because they can help to give them the much needed exposure necessary to succeed in the highly competitive fashion arena.  Los Angeles has a vibrant fashion community that marches to its own drummer and often reflect the local culture and concerns.
M5 Eco Couture is a perfect example of a design house that produces clothing that is right in line with LA style and is also fashion with a conscience.  Designer Morgan Olson, the founder of and the creative talent behind M5 Eco Couture, definitely has an agenda.  An agenda for saving the planet.  M5 Eco Couture is all about being Eco-Friendly.  Ms. Olson not only designs using resources that are sustainable and won’t harm the environment, but a big part of her collections are focused on recycling materials.  Making garments out of recycled denim, scarves and other fabrics from used clothing, M5 Eco Couture strives to eliminate the waste that is caused by mass production.  It also eliminates the need for producing new fabrics.  Manufacturing fabric can pollute the environment with chemicals and dyes used in the process.  Ms. Olson tries to use very little to none of packaging materials, with an eye toward reducing the mount of plastic bags and other packing items that end up in our landfills.
M5 Eco Couture presentation at Fashion Minga proved that you can create LA Chic clothing without being detrimental to the environment.  A noble cause for fashion and a noble cause for our future.

Photos by Omri Escalante

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