Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: Fresita! Taste Sensation That's Sweeping the Nation

Whether I am on vacation or hanging out with friends, there is nothing I like better than a relaxing drink.  Typically, I am a wine drinker.  I like reds, whites and especially champagne!  Occasionally I may stray from the course and have a cocktail if the situation warrants.  For example, the Bangkok bar where I finally had my first Cosmo.  Yes.  I know.  Lame for me to have never tried one before.  Thanks Dana, Katie & Ronna!!  Dopey me, I always assumed that Cosmos would be sweet and avoided them.  But as I discovered, they are not sweet, but more tart.
Which brings me to my latest find.  Prior to the Julia Clancey Spring/Summer 2011 show at the Palihouse in West Hollywood, Julia hosted a reception in the hotel lobby.  The sponsor of the event was a beverage that I had not been aware of before.  Fresita, a strawberry flavored high quality rosé sparkling wine from Chile.  My first reaction, like with Cosmos, was to think that it would be too sweet and almost dismissed it without trying it.  As I said earlier, I love champagne and having grown up going to the Champagne region a lot, I admit to being a bit of a champagne snob.  But how bad could it be, right?  Since they were sponsoring the event, I figured that I should at least give it a try.  So with misgivings, I took a glass of Fresita.
And the verdict?  I was very pleasantly surprised!!  A nice light sparkling wine with the taste of fresh strawberries.  Only mildly sweet, Fresita proved to be light and refreshing and before I knew it I had finished one glass and moved on to a second.  The thing that impressed me the most about it was that it truly captured the aroma and flavor of fresh strawberries, as if a real strawberry was in the glass.  Kind of like the strawberry version of a Bellini, but less sweet.  Fresita is 100% natural, no artificial colorings or flavourings, with 3% of its make up being crushed strawberries.  And yes, those of you that know me know that the crimson color is appealing to me too. :-)
When I got home, I found the Fresita website and explored further.  The website is full of humorous videos about this delish beverage and you can even find out where to buy it at a nearby store or sample it at a local restaurant.  I have already found a local store that carries it and will be buying a bottle to try nicely chilled at home!


  1. you naughty man! After my bout with food poisoning in Mumbai, I swore off all fizzy things...

    damn it, you forced me to it! i will announce my verdict next time we meet - perhaps over a drink?

  2. Will be back in NY next week and we can celebrate over a glass! :) Need to talk to you, so will call you when I get in!!