Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ladies Who Lunch: Shoe Trend Fall 2010

While I personally have no practical use for women’s shoes, I still find myself obsessed with them.  A beautiful pair of shoes is like a work of art.  When the new collections come out, you will find me awestruck and drooling in the shoe departments of Bergdorfs, trying to take it all in.  I do love men’s shoes as well, but they really don’t have the same amount of artistry and creativity that you find in women’s shoes.
Which brings us to the impending Fall 2010 shoe collections which will be hitting the stores as we speak.  The one thing about the current fashion climate is that you can choose to follow of the moment fashion trends, dabble in subtle hints of those trends, stay classic or do a little of all of the above.
There definitely seems to be a 70’s inspiration in the air!! The Fall 2010 collections as a whole are leaning towards chunkier heels and even chunkier shoes themselves with platforms leading on a lot of the pumps.
As for boots, you can still find some sleek sexy boots, but the general trend is to a more substantial boot.  To show these radical opposites, Christian Louboutin goes sexy with a thigh high sleek snakeskin boot and Chanel shows a modified motorcycle boot.
The biggest trend this season seems to be in booties.
Christian Louboutin has a very modern bejeweled version that is quite fun, as well as a sleeker lower heeled one.

Chanel weighs in with a beautiful Boucle Bootie and a quilted leather Bootie.

Jimmy Choo takes a more 70’s verging on 80's Punk influence with exposed zippers and platform soles.

For Pumps, heels and flats, the trendier lines take their influence from the 60’s Mod period (of course updated) and again the 70’s look.  When looking at some of these styles, you can almost envision Jerry Hall in them at Studio 54.  Christian Louboutin seems to have captured the spirit of both of these trends in his collection.

And then we have even trendier shoes with a more modern slightly harsher edge to them, but still captivating.

Salvatore Ferragamo’s line is quite chic this season, showing hints of the trends (especially with a nod to 60’s mod in th low heels and flats), but presenting a more classic line of shoes to love and make part of your long term wardrobe.

And of course, there will always be those little jewels that no matter what the season, your heart beats a little bit faster and you just gotta have them.


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