Friday, June 2, 2017

Ladies Who Lunch: DENIBI Spring/Summer 2017!

Based in Barcelona, the DENIBI fashion house takes a lot of its inspiration from the very city in which it was created.  DENIBI not only produces a beautiful ready-to-wear line, but it also specializes in high-quality leather goods and home decor.

DENIBI mixes its Barcelona Heritage with African inspiration, drawing heavily on the unique architecture of Barcelona for its shapes and construction.  The DENIBI collections are a wonderful blend of sophistication and minimalism.

Being a bit shy and also wanting the focus to stay on the collection, DENIBI creative director Fadel Denibi requested to do our interview off camera.  We honored his request, but I have to note that with such a strong and focused collection, nothing could take the focus away from the beautiful designs.

Video Photography by Josh Bell

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