Friday, March 10, 2017

Ladies Who Lunch: Vivienne Tam Spring 2017!

I have been a fan of designer Vivienne Tam for years and each season she continues to draw me in and keep me captivated.  One reason her collections are always so exciting is because of the level of passion and excitement that she has for her work!

A trademark of Vivienne Tam’s is the bridging of Eastern and Western cultures, which makes reference to both in a blend that is both modern and global.   Vivienne Tam’s collections usually draw their inspiration from Eastern culture and then marry it with a Western sensibility.

For Spring 2017, Vivienne Tam completely surprised me by taking her inspiration from a very Western influence: the city and culture of Houston, Texas.  Vivienne Tam captured the vibrancy of Houston with bold colors, a mix of interesting laces and fabrics and the use of NASA, Houston Rodeo and sports team logos.  In a reverse of her usual style, she took the very western inspiration of Houston and married it with her own Asian sensibility.

Vivienne Tam Spring 2017 celebrates the diversity of Houston in a collection that is totally Vivienne Tam and is sure to not only please her fans, but create a new fan base as well!

Video Photography by Mariana Leung

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