Friday, October 28, 2016

Ladies Who Lunch: Zang Toi Fall 2016!

When I think of Zang Toi, it conjures up images and feelings of sophistication, beauty and luxury.  And for his shows, Zang Toi knows how to showcase all of those elements with a true eye for theatricality, letting the drama of the garments unfold.

For Fall 2016, Zang Toi took his inspiration from the French ski resort of Courchevel in Les Trois Vallées, the largest linked ski area in the world.  Courchevel, the luxury ski resort, is a perfect inspiration for Zang Toi as it represents all of the jet set glamorous qualities his collections embody.

Focusing on black, white and greys with only a shot of a few select colors like red and purple, and utilizing the finest fabrics, Zang Toi manages to capture the feel of Courchevel in a way that translates to beautiful but wearable designs.

Zang Toi Fall 2016 shows us once again the prolific designer that Zang Toi is and reminds me of all of the reasons I fell in love with fashion in the first place!

Video Photography by Mariana Leung

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