Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ladies Who Lunch: Malan Breton Spring 2016!

If you are searching for clothing that will make you fit in with the jet-set crowd, look no further than Malan BretonMalan Breton’s collections are sophisticated, elegant and as luxe as they come.

While Malan Breton draws his inspiration from sources as varied as Cabaret and the Edwardian era, there is always an element of his Taiwanese heritage that melds with that inspiration.  Staying true to his background, a lot of the fabrics in his collection are drawn from Taiwan and its traditional fabrics.

Drawing on his recent travels to his homeland, Malan Breton’s Spring 2016 Collection was inspired by Taiwan’s Sun Moon Lake.  The inspiration provided a color palette that is perfect for this Spring season.

A collection filled with beautiful drapes, artful cutting and luscious colors, Malan Breton Spring 2016 has all the glamour and style that you could ask for.  And stay tuned in for our next video which concentrates on Malan Breton Men Spring 2016.

Video Photography by Josh Bell

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