Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ladies Who Lunch: Son Jung Wan Spring 2016!

I was at Korean designer Son Jung Wan’s first New York Fashion Week presentation in February 2011 and I became an immediate fan.  From season to season after that first show, Son Jung Wan has never failed to produce amazing collections, proving my initial instincts were right!

Son Jung Wan creates collections that are always feminine, but the most exciting aspect of her collections is the artistry that she puts into them.  Son Jung Wan’s collections explore creative drapes and silhouettes that are always flattering and combine them with innovative and interesting fabrics.

For Spring 2016, Son Jung Wan drew her inspiration from Korea’s Jeju Island and the nature that is embodied there.  The inspiration led again to artistic drapes and silhouettes and a color palette that is perfect for Spring.

One of the designer’s that I most look forward to each season, Son Jung Wan’s collections never disappoint and remind us that she is not just a designer, but a true artist.

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

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