Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch: CITYZEN by Azin!

Architect Azin Valy is the co-founder of the award winning Architecture firm I-Beam.  But Azin Valy’s creativity merged her architecture world with the fashion world, creating a luxury line of fashion and accessories.

CITYZEN by Azin began as a line of scarves with topographical maps of cities around the world becoming the artwork on the scarves.

And while scarves are still the focal point of the collection, CITYZEN by Azin has expanded to offering dresses and bags with the same map artwork.  For the dresses, Azin Valy uses the elements of the topography to define each piece with rivers turning into straps, mountains forming necklines and roads marking transitions in the garments.

The newest addition to the CITYZEN by Azin collection are  scarves and bags for men!  And with this addition, you know that you will find yours truly decked out in a scarf by CITYZEN by Azin!

Video Photography by Josh Bell

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