Monday, January 12, 2015

Ladies Who Lunch: SKINGRAFT Fall 2014!

For Fall 2014, Los Angeles based SKINGRAFT made its New York Debut at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and proved to the industry that it is ready for the big leagues.

Founder and designer Jonny Cota developed the company from his roots in performance art as a performer and costume designer.  Cota sourced vintage leather jackets from thrift stores, deconstructed individual pieces and then retailored the leather scraps into performance are pieces.  From this process, the name SKINGRAFT was born.

Teaming up with brother Christopher Cota, Jonny launched SKINGRAFT as a fashion line for both men and women.  The line quickly became noticed by VIP’s in the worlds of film, music and celebrity styling with everyone from Rhianna and Britney Spears to Marilyn Manson wearing their garments.

With its artistic and unique edgy styling, SKINGRAFT is a label to keep an eye on and to added to the wardrobe of anyone who wants to be noticed!

Video Photography by Cassandra Past

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