Friday, November 28, 2014

Ladies Who Lunch: Schuyler 4 Ltd. Luxe European Menswear!

Established in 1977 Schuyler 4 Ltd. is an exclusive USA distributor of fine European men’s sportswear collections.  Currently, Schuyler represents the luxury lines of Alberto pants, Haupt shirts, Carl Gross sport coats and Codice knitwear.

Sold at the finest men’s specialty stores nationwide, Schuyler 4 Ltd.’s brands are a perfect fit for the successful man with fashion sensibility.

All of the collections are designed with a modern look with classic influences with attention to fine quality, detail and a perfect fit.

Schuyler 4 Lts.’s brands are the perfect fit for the sartorial man who wants to make a statement with the way he dresses!

Video Photography by Josh Bell

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